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More life-joy through effective and affordable online tutoring solving problems and answering questions

Don’t you feel frustrated if you have to search for hours until you might find an appropriate answer in videos or forums? Since we have been starting learning, there is tuition. And yet, there is no effective online solution that solves problems and answers questions. eNerd.me offers you all the functions you need to learn from each other – no matter if you are a pupil, a student or a tutor!



Whether on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, eNerd.me fits into your digital everyday life. With the innovative eNerd.me workbook and the eNerd.me Snapshot app, learners can have real coaching sessions right from the start, and become a true nerd in the topic where they are taught. About 70% of our students already feel real success in the individual subjects after the third learning session.


eNerd.me offers a new service for the tutoring market, which is not yet available in Germany

  • eNerd.me offers only online tuition
  • The tuition is from student to pupil, from student to student or from pupil to pupil. Therefore, the hourly rates are significantly below those of established tutoring providers, but the success of the learner is still high!
  • eNerd.me offers only individual coaching. Therefore we do not offer any learning videos. Searching for learning videos is very time-consuming and does not always provide the desired solution.
  • eNerd.me is the first provider to offer a complete solution for individual online coaching. This includes optimized matching of students and coaches, a high degree of user friendliness through standardized and clear processes, an innovative learning platform to ensure learning success as well as an integrated quality management and billing system for payment.

* A learning session is rated at 45 minutes.



The eNerd.me vision

eNerd.me was created to help pupils and students. With eNerd.me pupils and students gain access to affordable tutoring and thus we contribute to equivalent opportunities in the field of education. Let us share our knowledge and learn from each other!


Tutoring has to be affordable for everyone!

We only have to pay for what is really necessary. There are no registration fees, no costs for subscriptions and no hidden costs. Since we learn from each other the price per hour is very cheap compared to other providers. Every student can set the price and decide what he is willing to pay for tuition.

Individual online coaching helps the best!

At eNerd.me, our students get what is most important: individual coaching! Learning videos and learning games can be helpful. But it is hard to say, if the question is answered. Individual coaching can solve the problems directly!

Online tuition must be user-friendly!

The Internet makes so many things easier! However, digitalization did not improve the online tutoring market as we wished. That’s why we founded eNerd.me. We offer cost-effective tuition on a user-friendly learning platform. The eNerd.me app completes the learning environment with its snapchat function and provides the prerequisite for a successful learning session.

How a Panda digitizes the tuition and tutoring

The business idea emerged in 2015 while online learning didnt solved our problems. The search on the Internet was very time-consuming. Even after the reading of several forum contributions and the viewing of some Youtube videos there was no solution. This situation led to the founding of eNerd.me. We want to solve the problems of pupils and students effectively and cost-effectively!

At eNerd.me, we do not suggest any coach to our students. We find the perfect coach! The student start the search with crucial requirements and the system find the coach which is the most appropriate. Our focus at eNerd.me is on learning.

With eNerd.me, we create a win – win situation for students and coaches! Here at eNerd.me you can share your knowledge as a private person. Due to the elimination of travel times, you can offer your help at any time at a fair price. Compared to conventional providers, eNerd.me only calculates the actually obtained tuition in minutes. Simple, fair and available at any time!


Our facts

  • Online learning platform for pupils and students in German-speaking countries

  • Online since: 2016

  • Suitable for pupils of all grades, students and trainees

  • No subscription required

  • Thanks to an innovative learning workboard with completely new learning features, thousands of certified coaches can also explain complex content easily and intelligibly

  • Saved tuition sessions enable to control the learning progress

  • Veryfied coaches: The quality check of the eNerd.me coaches is ensured by selected experts

  • Quick answer to questions: Coaches can help you in the integrated video chat at any time no matter regardless of your class strength and subject. Especially in mathematics, German, English, physics and chemistry, we can offer you a wide selection of coaches!

  • Individual online tutoring with your personal coach



eNerd.me allows what we were looking for!

Tuition in Germany 2016

“Simplifying, one can summarize: Tutoring lessons are still partly used to ward off school failure, but to a significant extent also to increase the chances of a transition to sophisticated education and training paths through a performance improvement.” Striking so far in a rather small extent of the digital tuition due to missing offers.


Tutoring in Germany

Digital media as knowledge providers also enable new content. According to current surveys, almost every second pupil or student wants to use digital media to convey knowledge transparently and flexibly.


Quellen: https://www.bertelsmann-stiftung.de/fileadmin/files/BSt/Publikationen/GrauePublikationen/Nachhilfeunterricht_in_Deutschland_160127.pdf , https://www.zukunftsinstitut.de/artikel/bildung-im-zeitalter-der-wissensexplosion/

The eNerd.me team


You certainly know the problem with the subscriptions? Long running times, high costs and never fitting to the current life situation. Either you are just in the high phase and have many examinations – then the number of hours contained in the subscription is much too small. Or you have a stress-free time and it is unnecessary to take very much tuition – you then pay for a service that you do not use. Flexibility and spontaneity look different. I would like to make education possible for everyone at a fair price, which is why I decided to found eNerd.me.




Business & Operations




Looking for a coach can be very time-intensive. And how do you know if you the coach can help you? Even if you are registered with a well-known provider, you never have the certainty of who your tutor will be. This has always bothered me during my studies. If I have a problem I need some help now and not tomorrow – no sleepless nights! The time is too bad to search, so I’m looking forward ensure all eNerd.me students the perfect match which will help everybody.



Product & Conception




We are connected to each other around the clock every day, sharing content and sharing emotions. For tuition, however, there is no learning environment that enables effective eLearning. This is why many students and coaches decide to take unnecessary travel expenses and long distances to execute the learning unit at home. We live in a world where beds, flats or cars are shared, why also do not transfer the sharing thoughts to the education? That’s why I’m proud to be part of eNerd.me creating a learning community!



Customer Experience




Nowadays we’re always accessible from an early age. Our everyday life has become more spontaneous and fast-paced. At the same time, innovative technologies enable us to be independent of time and place, thus remaining fully flexible. So why not use this for education? I am convinced that with the help of modern technology physical presence has also become superfluous in studying. Similarly, education should always be accessible to everyone. This also means that education should be at a fair price. Our goal with eNerd.me is to enable you to do all these things.






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