I am a professional teacher. Am I allowed to teach at eNerd.me?

Yes, you may be a tutor at eNerd.me – regardless of whether you are an employee or a professional teacher. So that you do not get any trouble with your employer and your tax declaration, you have to report this part-time job in advance. You can find a good summary of the necessity of reporting this side-job here.

Where can I find forms for reporting a side-job?

Most of the forms can be obtained at the school secretariat. Alternatively, you can easily find them on the Internet. Since the forms in Germany differ depending on the state and also the government district, we can only list a small collection with links. There you can take a look and inform yourself.

I am a teacher in Baden-Württemberg

On the internet page of the Ministry of Culture you can find the appropriate forms for download under “Nebentätigkeiten” -> “Formulare”. You must fill out the appropriate form and give this to your school management.


I am a teacher in Bavaria

If you are a teacher in Bavaria, you have to pay attention that you return the form to the correct government address. You can find an example for the government district Unterfranken here:


I am a teacher in Rheinland-Pfalz

If you are a teacher in Rheinland-Pfalz, please follow this link: