eNerd.me wins the start-up BW Elevator Pitch 2017/2018

eNerd.me Intern, Online-Nachhilfe, Pitch

(Deutsch) „Wir bei eNerd.me, brechen diesen Status Quo eines teuren und veralteten Nachhilfesystems mit unserer Innovation“, sagt Eric in voller Überzeugung vor einer regionalen Jury und Publikum bestehend aus Institutionen, potenziellen Investoren, Geschäftspartnern sowie Kunden.

The Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Housing’s state-wide start-up competition on 27 April 2018 provided an attractive platform for a selection of founders, start-ups and young entrepreneurs to present their business ideas. The two founders Uli & Eric with eNerd.me took first place and will enter the national final with eNerd.me.

The Elevator Pitch is a short, informative and concise presentation of a business idea for a service or product and means “elevator presentation”. The presentations take place without technical aids such as PowerPoint or video in a time window of three minutes. Printed photos, signs, prototypes and models are permitted. “The Elevator Pitch does not require a business plan; instead, it is about convincing the jury and the audience of your own business idea,” explained the Minister of Economic Affairs.

elvator pitch bw stuttgart enerdme

It was unbelievably fun to perform in front of such a great audience to present our vision of a fair and just online tutoring. We have already achieved a lot with eNerd.me and are of course very pleased to receive correspondingly positive feedback,” says Uli happily, while he proudly presents the award for first place.

enerdme on the ihk stuttgart founded event as participant of the bw elevator pitch


missed the Regional Cup Stuttgart? No problem, here’s the 3 minute pitch to check:

A personal message from us founders to you @eNerd.me Community: Thank you for your support, because without your commitment and contribution we would not be able to make our best possible contribution to a fair future. 


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