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Finding the perfect coach – the filter settings

You do not have to search your online coach – we find it for you! You simply define the course and the prize and tell us what is important to you with your online coach. Then we suggest you the coach that best suits you.

Tell us what you think about your coach

We find your coach for you! Simply set up features that are important to your coach and we already find the right one for you. You can then decide for yourself whether you also think that the proposed coach can help you. If you are unsure, will also suggest other coaches, of course.

How do I find the most suitable tutor?

You can show us with the following settings what your coach has to offer:

qualitative criteria


Enter an hourly rate that you would like to pay for your online tuition.

Rating of the coaches

Just set how many stars your coach has to have and decide how well your coach has to be. You can see how well the tutor’s learning session have been rated in the coach profiles.

Career Level

The better a coach has been evaluated, the more hours he has already spent on helping others, the higher he is on the career ladder. If you are looking for a coach, you can choose a certain career level, which the coach has to have at least.

quantitative criteria

Amount of minutes

Do you want a coach who has already done many learning and tutoring sessions? You can adjust this easily using this filter.

Cancellation policy

You can see the cancellation policy of a coach before booking the appointment, of course. There are three possibilities. Decide for yourself which option you choose:

Cancellation rule 1: You can always cancel the booked session free of charge.

Cancellation rule 2: You can cancel up to 24 hours before the booked session free of charge, afterwards the full price has to be paid.

Cancellation rule 3: A cancellation is not possible or it is always the full price to pay.


More help?

You cannot find any coach?

You can find more answers about our workboard, our app or your account in our FAQ.

You have suggestions or ideas?

Just write us directly your feedback, we are happy about every message we get!

You would like to be a coach?

If you would like to offer a session to other students, register your coach account for free.