How does the system work? offers you and other users individual online tuition, helping you to better grades in study or at school. As an online coach you have the opportunity to earn money by teaching other people without any hidden costs of a registration. But how does work? is fun and it works


Guaranteed learning

Speaking, Writing, Listening, Painting, Solving, Editing, Transforming and Understanding: provides you with all the tools necessary to begin learning here and now. is mobile saves your learning progress in the cloud. This allows you to continue the learning session at any time, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone with your coach.



The perfect match

We bring you and your coach together quickly. In this way, we guarantee you individual on-demand tuition for spontaneous problem solving, without traveling time and traveling costs. is innovative

The workboard combines the advantages of offline and online tuition with effective eLearning, for example with the innovative Snapshot app.


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Our recommendations for your optimal learning success

  • eNerds treat themselves respectfully and are fair. eNerd students say exactly what problems they are having – they describe their problem in the chat with the coach as well as possible. eNerd coaches answer truly if they are able to solve this specific question or problem.
  • An eNerd knows its strengths and weaknesses, so that online tutoring is always successful. If a user needs help, he is supported by the community with individual tuition.
  • provides flexibility, but eNerds still adhere to the agreed and scheduled dates. Each user has the luxury of independence – they can determine learning time themselves. However, if an appointment is scheduled we want the student and coach to appear online on time.

Learning like an eNerd! Our educational partners. solves problems and answers questions!

Depending on the subject and the question, you can adjust your workboard accordingly, so that you can be helped quickly. You can have learning session in every topic – even mathematical questions are explained easily (straight equation)! Use the Snapshot app or upload a file from your computer into the workboard and work together with your coach.


Learning digitally – makes online tuition effective

Support in all school subjects and many courses. Try now and become a nerd! Knowing and sharing knowledge can be so much fun 🙂


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Just learn from the place where you want to do!

Whether at school or during your studies, whether for the job or just getting an answer to your question – is the right companion for your smartphone, tablet or laptop to take digital tutoring.

The Snapshot app for your smartphones with iOS (eg Apple iPhone) or Android (eg. Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony) allows you to synchronize your handwritten notes with PC, Mac or Tablet PC without any effort. Thanks to the upload, your coach can help you effectively. The Snapshot app is free of charge and can be installed in the Apple or Google stores on your smartphone or tablet.

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I am very satisfied. After just 2 learning sessions, I have achieved the optimal preparation for the examining linear algebra and analysis and a significant improvement of the knowledge! Thanks to my coach Mark.



University of Augsburg

Computer Science and Multimedia


My daughter is super satisfied. She is doing great! Thanks to this platform, she starts liking school again. We have very good experience with the coaches – very nice and for everything a solution is found. We feel very comfortable with this way of learning.




No information


For me, is a great way to earn some money besides studying. With I am flexible and save a lot of time. Meanwhile, I have also found many buddies, to whom I give tuition.



University of Furtwangen

Industrial Engineering – Product Engineering