I am offering online tutoring

Become an online tutor and benefit from your knowledge!

Let’s get started and earn some money as online coach at eNerd.me – register for free and profit from your knowledge. We will connect you with students and pupils who will need your help using our eLearning platform that enables effective learning.

Benefit from your knowledge – Earn money and doing something good!

eNerd.me offers you the opportunity to become an online tutor and earn money with your knowledge. The good thing about it is, that you do something good with your knowledge by helping others and by solving their problems.

How much do I earn as an online tutor?

You can determine your hourly wage on eNerd.me by yourself. When setting up, you should, of course, make sure that you choose an hourly wage, the student will judge as fair.

Good performance is honored on the online learning platform eNerd.me: A good evaluation of your learning session is the most important prerequisite for you to progress in the career ladder. With each further career stage, you can set higher hourly wages and your good reputation will bring you more tutoring requests. You can find more information about the career stages here.

How does eNerd.me works for coaches?

You are an eNerd in a special area and can teach learning content well? You would like to earn money via online tuition? Or, are you a student and do already offer tuition, but would like to use the possibility to expand your customer circle? Then eNerd.me is the right address for you! A registration for the coach is completely free. Once your profile has been created and verified, you will automatically be shown as a coach for the topics and courses you can teach. Students of the online learning platform will contact you and ask for help. The more eLearning sessions you conduct and the better your learning sessions are, the higher you can climb up the career levels!

Create your eNerd.me coach profile

Click on “Coach Registration”. The registration page will now ask you some questions about yourself and your person. Write a short text about yourself, choose your skills and set the time when you would like to offer online tutoring. Registration for the coach does not take 10 minutes!

Seek for a good reputation

Transparency is very important as well as mutual fairness and respect. You will not receive any spam or anything else. In return, the students have the opportunity to evaluate every online learning session with you. The better you share learning content online, the better the ratings will be. The better the ratings, the more students will contact you!

We find new students for you needing your advise!

eNerd.me exceeds geographic boundaries. While traditional tuition takes place on site, we offer the possibility to combine the advantages of direct communication and media availability online. Chat in a learning session with your opponent. Direct contact can be established with video and audio conferencing.

Profit from your knowledge and earn money with eNerd.me!

You are very good in a particular subject and can teach content well? Here you can offer online tutoring! Thanks to a better career level and a growing experience, you will stand out from other coaches, so you can earn even more in your spare time job!

How does the payment of online tutoring work on eNerd.me?

Online tutoring at eNerd.me is very simple: every coach will be payed immediately after the end of the online tuition. The payment to your private account is possible by all usual means of payment.

When will I be paid for my online online help?

You will be paid immediately after your online training period – the amount will be credited directly to your eNerd.me account. You now have two options:

  • You can book with this money learning sessions for you

  • You can transfer the amount to your private account

How often can I transfer an amount to my bank account?

You can always transfer money from your eNerd.me account to your private account, if the payout is at least 20 euros. If your account is under 20 Euros and you urgently need the money, then you can transfer an amount of less than 20 euros once a month.

Which payment options can be used?

You can choose which account you want to transfer the amount to. For an overview of all payment methods click here.

Secure payout

The complete payout process is SSL-encrypted, so your data and your privacy are secure!

Popular payment methods

Paypal, credit card or bank transfer – we offer you the most popular payment methods for your eNerd.me account!

Reliable payout

At eNerd.me, we only use the best online payment processors with the highest professional competence as partners to make your payment.

Verified system for coaches

In order to create an incentive system for you as coaches and to offer the students at eNerd.me a quality feature, the pricing policy is linked to a career plan. On the basis of the ratings of your students and additional features, you can improve your status as coach – you can reach high career levels. The two main advantages for you are the following ones:

  • The coach wins a quality stamp and the demand for this coach increases
  • The coach may charge more money per minute when climbing up the career ladder.


There are fixed maximum hourly rates for each career step. However, it is up to you whether you want to ask for the possible maximum price or to set a more favorable hourly rate in order to increase the number of your requests.


Tutoring at eNerd.me – a side job cannot be better!

As a coach you have great opportunities: Depending on your career level, your maximum adjustable hourly wage increases. 

How do I find pupils and students I can teach?

We do all the searching effort for you! Sign up now for free, create a great reputation and you will have many requests!

How can I be booked by a student as online coach?

After registering as a coach, you will define the subjects you wish to teach in your profile and you will be able to set the times at which you are available. From now on, we will propose you to students as coach.

If a student wants to have a learning session with you, then he will write you directly. When the contact is established, the desired time of the student is indicated and you see the description of her or his question and problem. Thus, you can decide if you can help solving the problem.
After confirming that you can help at the desired time, now the student can book the appointment bindingly.

How do I increase the number of requests?

Your profile settings have a very important influence on the number of your requests: The student can describe his desired coach according to the following criteria:

  • Hourly rate: Make sure you set a fair hourly wage. Too high prices can mean that you will not get much requests.
  • Evaluation and recommendation: Your performance will be evaluated after each learning session. Therefore, make sure that you only take tuition requests, which are in your area of expertise and where you can help.
  • Number of minutes as eNerd.me coach: Some students would like to have a coach who has already given a certain number of sessions.
  • Career Level: The better your coaching is evaluated and the more hours you have completed, the higher you can get in the career ladder. Students can choose a certain career level, which the coach has to have at least.
  • Cancellation policy: You can choose your cancellation policy, there are three possibilities. Sometimes it can help if you do not have very hard cancellation rules


Decide for yourself which option you choose. Possibly, a certain schedule flexibility leads to more inquiries

Frequently Asked Questions from Coaches

Here you will find the most common questions of our eNerd.me coaches. You have more questions about your profile, eNerd.me or our workboard? Click on the button and find all the answers to your questions (FAQ).

I do not get any requests from students – what shall I do?

Please offer the students a chance to get a first impression of you. You have uploaded a profile picture? Do you have a short description about you and do you answer the question, why you are the right coach? Is the price / performance ratio right? eNerd.me connects coach and student effectively thanks to complex algorithms in the background. The better your profile is filled, the easier it is for the student to choose you as a coach.

How do I see if someone has contacted me?

Take a look at your email and at your eNerd.me account. Go to you notifications and messages and you will find all you are looking for.
We have a transparent and efficient way of teaching online tutoring. Therefore, you will only receive relevant request for tutoring. A student who visited your profile, but chooses not to contact you, is not displayed to you. Because it does not make sense to be sad about missed opportunities. Just look forward, take care that you have a great profile and you will get many requests in the future!

Why do I need to be verified as a coach?

We want to avoid black sheep. A certification is carried out in a very short time and is not associated with any costs or costs. It is only checked whether your academic data correspond to the fact. You have a Master’s degree with outstanding achievements? Give us the opportunity to check this, then eNerd.me will also show you as an excellent coach.

Why should I have a meaningful profile?

Put yourself in the position of the student and consider what would be important for you when searching for a suitable coach: A profile picture and a meaningful profile describing your strengths and qualities will have a positive influence on the number of requests.
Why should the student select you? With your profile you give him the answer!