I am searching for online tutoring

Individual online coaching at eNerd.me – it is worth to be here!

It is worth to be here because eNerd.me finds the right coach for you, who can help you immediately. eNerd.me does not offer you any random coach – we will find the right and perfect coach for you, who can help you at once! You decide which features are important for your perfect coach. After your free registration, the world of eNerd.me is open to you: simply select the subject and the topic of your problems, determine your coach criteria and we will find the perfect coach for you.

For which questions and problems is the coaching of eNerd.me suitable?

No matter if you are a pupil or a student, the tuition offered by eNerd.me solves your problems in any case. Therefore, eNerd.me is suitable for any kind of questions: If you are a pupil or schoolchild, the eNerds will help you with your homework and while learning for examinations – for all school types.

While studying, you can count on the help of the eNerds. They will always provide you with online tuition when you need it! Do not be afraid if you have some question when you learn for examinations, projects and dissertations. The eNerds will be there for you!

The eNerd.me workboard.

The learning platform that allows effective online learning

eNerd.me offers an innovative learning platform with online tools that make the lessons as effective as if your coach is beside you! Our learning platform with video conferencing, desktop sharing and app guarantees learning success for all subjects.


How do I speak with my online teacher?

The workboard includes a chat as well as a video conferencing system: You can speak with your coach as well as chat and you can follow the explanations of your coaches by the picture transmission very well.

With the workboard, you can share your worksheet with your online coach

Your workboard is your worksheet, where you can work together with your coach online and live. You can draw, write and calculate – you find everything for your learning success. If you are missing a function or an online tool, please let us know in the feedback questions after the session. We will implement your suggestions as quickly as possible. In this way, we make our online coaching even better!

Upload your questions and tasks into the workboard

You can always upload images and documents to the workboard. So you can work with your coach effectively! All files on your computer or laptop can be uploaded comfortably during the session. Whether it is mathematical calculations, language exercises or text documents – your workboard offers you a solution for all tasks!

Customize your workboard to suit your needs

If you want to work with your coach on a document that you do not have as a file on your computer, use the eNerd.me Snapshot app. For example, take a photo of a mathematical task where you did not get the right solution, and load it into the workboard. Or do you need a coordinate system? Everything is possible and your coach will be able to help you very quickly.

How is the learning success guaranteed?

Your and all other coach reviews ensure the quality of the coaches. In this way, a transparent quality system is built, which evaluates everyone fairly: Find your tutor also on the basis of these evaluations.

The quality of the coaching is the first priority

The quality of your session is our first priority. With the learning platform, we have created a learning environment, which consists of the workboard and the eNerd.me Snapshot app, on which your coaching can be conducted very well. Your online lesson is not conducted via Skype or any other system – we offer you a round-the-clock service with the highest degree of user-friendlines 

Verified system for coaches

We verify every online coach before he can offer tuition at the learning platform. By using a transparent evaluation system, each learning session is rated by the students. Based on these ratings, you can assess the quality of the coaches very well.

  • The coach wins a quality stamp and the demand for this coach increases
  • The coach may charge more money per minute when climbing up the career ladder.


Your coaches – the eNerds

DYou will be actively involved in the development of our shared online learning platform by rating your online learning sessions. These and all other user ratings are saved and displayed in the profile of the respective coaches. If you need online help, you can choose for example how many stars your coach must have at least, or how many after-hours he has given.



eNerd.me finds your right online coach!

You do not have to search your online coach – we find it for you! Simply set up features that are important to your coach and we find the right one for you in a second. You can then decide for yourself whether you also think that the proposed coach can help you. If you are unsure, eNerd.me will of course also suggest other coaches.

Can the proposed tutor help me always help?

Before you book a session with your coach, make sure that he can help you. If you are looking for online tutoring on the platform eNerd.me, then we ask you to describe your question in one or two sentences. Thus, each tutor can decide if he is sure to help you. Book your session only after you have talked to your coach about the tasks and questions.

You can be assured that your request will only be confirmed by coaches who can help you. If a coach cannot help you, you can close the session very quickly and evaluate the coach accordingly. Thus, you have the opportunity to help us developing a quality standard for eNerd.me!

For which subjects do the coaches offer online tutoring?

You can use eNerd.me for all subjects such as German, Math, English, Chemistry, Physics and for all subjects.

Can I book further appointments with a good online tutor?

Sure, if you are satisfied with your online coach, then you can make more appointments with him. If you evaluate a coach with at least three stars, you can add the coach as a buddy. You can contact all buddies directly and book further dates.

I have a question now - can the online coaches help me immediately?

If you have a question that needs to be resolved immediately, click on the “Now” button on the search page and let the coaches oaches help you immediately!

How do I recognize the quality differences of the tutors?

Through the filter settings, you decide what quality means for you! We find the right coach for you – just tell us what is important to you! Do you want a coach who has given many online learning sessions? Or would you prefer to get in contact with a coach, who offers many different subjects and so you can also ask questions about other topics?

Tell us what you think is important for a good coach and we’ll find him for you!

At eNerd.me you can easily choose your perfect tutor! Simply set up features that are important to your coach and we find the right one for you in a second. You can decide for yourself whether you also think that the proposed coach can help you. If you are unsure, eNerd.me will of course also suggest other coaches. With defined settings you can show us what your coach has to offer.

How the payment works on eNerd.me

On eNerd.me you only pay for the sessions you have scheduled. The payment works minute based – so you pay only for that what you get! You do not need to sign a subscription, sign up is free and you can even choose the price yourself! The payment works conveniently with all usual payment methods.

You pay only the sessions you really need

On eNerd.me the registration is free of charge and you do not have to complete a subscription – you only pay the online tutoring sessions, which you really have need and which you have booked and conducted.

How much do I have tp pay for my online coaching?

You decide how much you want to pay for your online tutoring. You have the possibility to set the hour price you want to pay. In addition to the price filter, you also have other options: just tell us which characteristics are relevant to your tutor and we will find it for you! Of course, filter selection and coach price are linked. Experienced and very well-rated coaches have the possibility, for example, to set higher hourly rates. Because you only pay for the time the session has been lasting, the price depends on your individual search and the duration.

How do I pay for my online tuition?

You have several possibilities to pay your online tuition. If you want an overview of all payment methods, click here.

Is there a money back guarantee?

You only pay for the time your session has been lasting! If a coach cannot help you, then end the session immediately – regardless of the booked duration!

Thank to this, you pay only a very small amount if the coach cannot help you at all. At an hourly rate of 10 €, for example, you pay for a session which you end after two minutes below 40 cents (without guarantee). With eNerd.me you have the possibility to design our own learning platform. If you should be unhappy with your coach, then it is important that you also say that in your following evaluation. This helps the coach to know in which areas he needs to improve. On the other hand, it also helps the other “seekers” because they can see this information before the booking and decide if they would rather choose another coach.

At eNerd.me, Coach Julius, offers tutoring in mathematics, statistics and investment and financing. The current price is 09.00 € for 45 minutes. If your session with him is lasting…

  • 30 minutes, then you pay 06.00 euros
  • 45 minutes, then you pay 09.00 euros
  • 60 minutes, then you pay 12.00 euros


Online tutoring for all subjects in school and study

With eNerd.me, you can finally learn digitally in many subject like German, Math, English, Chemistry, Physics and for all other subjects and lectures.

The eNerd.me coaches can help you!

You can be sure that the online coaches can help you. All coaches who offer online tutoring on the eNerd.me learning platform are individually verified and released by us. Before you agree with your coach to a session, you have the possibility to describe your question or task position. The coach decides on the basis of this description, if he can help you. Describe your task as well as possible!

Simple price system without registration fees

At eNerd.me you only pay for the coaching and the hours you have actually booked and for the minutes you have spent with your coaches. The registration is free and you do not have to complete a subscription. You choose in advance how much you are willing to pay for 45 minutes tutoring. eNerd.me proposes to you the teacher who best fits your search and your price preferences.

You choose your own coach for tutoring

eNerd.me will suggest you the coach that best suits your needs. With a filter, you can set exactly what is important for you. Look at the profile of the proposed coaches and take a closer look before you contact one: you can see how many hours the coach has already taught at eNerd.me, how other users liked the coach and many other details as well. If you agree with the coach, then you can contact him immediately and you can start the session!