Creating your account as a student or coach is free. On students pay only the coach’s rate and a service fee for the online learning session. And you only pay for the amount of minutes the session was lasting. The service fee is always included in the price which is shown in the coach profile – there are no hidden costs! Before you book an online course, you must recharge your account. In this way we can ensure a fair payment of the coaches. Our focus is the targeted answer to your questions. 

No one has to look for the right video! This is a big time-eater and usually does not provide the right answer. enables you and all private persons to give each other help and online tutoring – and all for a fair price. You choose it! 

How does provide a cost-effective and efficient online tutoring?

An example of Julius, an coach for mathematics.


This is Julius, 23 years old and economics student. Julius loves numbers, so the subjects of mathematics, statistics and investment & financing are no problem for him.



On the Internet there is a huge offer of e-learning opportunities – usually these offers are impersonal, expensive and linked to long-term subscriptions. In addition, as a potential tutor, there was no way to offer his services online. Therefore online tuition was not interesting for Julius, although he can transfer his knowledge very well. This is confirmed by his friends, whom he sometimes helps with mathematical problems.




Julius wants to earn some money in addition to his studies, so he is looking for a real alternative to traditional student jobs. The money as well as the flexibility are very important to him – fixed daily working hours are almost impossible due to the lectures.



enerd-faire-preise-keine-abos offers Julius all the advantages he needs in his study day:

  • Maximum flexibility of his working hours: he uses the calendar to set the time windows himself
  • Fair hourly rates with qualification system
  • No subscriptions
  • Set up their own learning contacts for regular tutoring appointments


At, Julius offers flexible tutoring in different mathematics, statistics and investment as well as financing. Its current price is € 09.00 per 45 minutes. If Julius is your online Coach, the following example shows you, what you will pay him. If the learning session lasts…

  • 30 minutes, you pay 06,00 Euro
  • 45 minutes, you pay 09,00 Euro
  • 60 minutes, you pay 12,00 Euro


Therefore, is the perfect combination of individual tutoring and online coaching



What does cost?

You decide the price for your online tuition by yourself!

You decide the price for your online tuition by yourself. As we learn from each other, our learning platform is very cheap compared to other providers. You will only pay for the tuition which you book- there are no subscriptions!

You can easily define the price that you want to pay with a filter: In addition to the price filter, there are further filter settings with which you have the opportunity to get the right coach for tuition. Find more information about finding the right coach. Since you can also specify the duration of the session itself, it is not possible to name a price per learning session.

Why are the prices different?

The better a coach is evaluated and the more sessions he has taught, the higher the coach will be in the career ladder. As the career level increases, the coach has the possibility to increase his prizes. However, he is also free to teach for a cheaper price: the prices are determined by the online coaches themselves. Each coach must therefore assess his skills and offer coaching at a fair hourly rate. Before each booking you can describe your desired coaching with your filter settings. With the price filter you can set the maximum price for your online coaching.

Is the registration free?

The registration on is, of course, free of charge. There are also no monthly costs, such as membership fees or subscriptions. You only pay for the online learning session you have actually booked.

Verified coaching system

In order to create an incentive system for the coaches and to offer the students a quality feature, the pricing system is linked to a career plan. On the basis of each evaluation after finishing a learning session by the student and additional performance features, the coach can step up the career stages. Two significant advantages for the coaches are the following:

  • The coach wins a quality stamp and the demand for him increases
  • The coach may charge more money per minute by the promotion.


There are fixed maximum hourly rates for each career step. However, it is up to each coach to decide whether to ask for the possible maximum price or to place a more favorable hourly rate in order to increase the number of tuition requests.


By the way, there was never such a side job.

As a coach at you have the opportunity to an attractive job: Depending on your career level, your maximum adjustable hourly wage increases. However, you can always set and reduce your own hourly wage so that you can get more inquiries. Click here if you do not want to register now as a coach.



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Minutes accurate payment

At the online tuition is paid for a minute. There are no subscriptions, no minimum term and no contractual binding. You can always withdraw your credit balance or cancel your account.



Secure payment

You can choose from different payment methods. All payments are made via secure SSL websites. Furthermore, our payment provider monitors any transaction around the clock to protect you against fraud, phishing, identity theft and other inconveniences.


Popular payment methods

For payment, we offer you the most popular payment methods, which offer you the best and most comfortable way: Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.


Reliable payment processors

Service is everything at For this reason, we only use the best online payment provider with the highest professional competence as partners. In addition, you can always access our free support for questions.


Finally answers to your questions! And without long searching! Thanks to efficient online tutoring on!

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