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Individual online tuition in Augsburg

Competent and individual online tuition in Augsburg for all school subjects, all school classes and all pupils and schoolchildren. is the first online tuition that helps you, your child and other users by individual tuition to gain better grades in school or when you are studying.

Creating an account to take online tutoring is free. On, you or your child will only pay the coaches’s price as well as a service fee for a learning session. The amount of the service fee is always included in the price shown – there are no hidden costs! therefore offers tutoring at a fair and affordable price with high quality thanks to our verification process for coaches.


  • Improve grades??

  • Close gaps?

  • Prepare examinations optimally?

Thanks to the qualified online tutoring in Augsburg no problem!

Online tutoring with students of the seven faculties of the University of Augsburg is finally possible. was designed from students for students and pupils in close cooperation with the campus of Augsburg: Several lecturers from the University of Augsburg support and many students from Augsburg are verified coaches on our platform for professional tutoring for high school students, pupils of all school levels.

If you need tuition or any support for your learning difficulties, or if professional support is required during the exam preparation, is the best website for you! No matter what location, whether you are in Augsburg-Mitte or Augsburg-Oberhausen, you will find cheap online individual coaching for Mathematics, English, German, French, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects.

The town hall in Ausgburg. Here thousands of users use for online tuition.


The Vision was founded to give students and schoolchildren the access to affordable tutoring. Therefore is supporting the principle of equal opportunities concerning education. Let us share our knowledge and learn from each other!


Tutoring must be affordable for everyone!

We only have to pay for that, what is really necessary. There are no registration fees, no subscriptions and no hidden costs. Since we learn from each other the price per hour is very cheap compared to other providers. Every student can set the price and decide what he or she is willing to pay for tuition.

Individual online coaching helps the best!

At, our students get what is most important: individual coaching! Learning videos and learning games can be helpful. Whether the question is really answered, is usually not clear. Individual coaching can solve the problems directly!

Online tuition must be user-friendly!

The Internet facilitates so many things! However, there was little to see on the online education market – that’s why we have found We offer cost-effective tuition, which is conductet on a user-friendly learning platform. The app completes the learning environment with its snapshot and provides the prerequisite for a successful tuition session.

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It is so easy getting tuition for you or your child!

We offer online tutoring for all subjects, all school classes and all school types. A selection list helps you finding the right topic.


The selection of the appropriate school class or course of studies allows an efficient tutoring.


After selecting the date for the online tuition, the perfect coach will be found in Augsburg or in other cities!

Your coaches solve problems and answer your questions!

Depending on the subject and the question, you can adjust your workboard accordingly, so that you can be helped quickly.


At, you get online tutoring, preparation for final exams as well as support for any other learning requirement

For pupils of all school classes and school types, offers in cooperation with the University of Augsburg online tuition in a lot of subjects. The most common online tuition in Augsburg takes place in the subjects Maths, German, English, French, Latin as well as Biology, Chemistry or Physics. In addition, high school students have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the final exams for the Abitur.

This helps schoolchildren, pupils and students to better grades, it improves their knowledge and the fear before important exams will be forgotten! All pupils receive a qualified online support on and a tutoring tuition which is explicitly adapted to the respective weaknesses. solves problems and answers questions! In our online tutoring classes in Augsburg we only work with qualified coaches. The coaches in Augsburg understand the problems of the students, work on the resulting knowledge gaps, take time for their students and pupils and support exactly where the problem lies. They are always committed with the aim of optimally motivating the students and giving them the necessary security in dealing with the problem. The prerequisite for better grades is laid by this. Thanks to the online tuition, tuition is not only available in Augsburg, but also from home or anywhere else, where an existing internet connection is possible!

The subjects of online tuition in Augsburg

The offer of online tuition is great. In addition to mathematics, we also offer tutoring in English, German, French, Latin, Spanish, Computer Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History, Geography, Politics, and Engineering Studies, Mathematics, Economics, Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Humanities.

Online tutoring in Augsburg

Online tutoring must remain affordable. Accordingly, the payment is minute based, so that an online tutoring course in Augsburg is already possible with 7.50 € per 45 minutes! No subscriptions, no hidden costs. The coaches determine the price for the online tutoring themselves, but have maximum upper limits and an incentive system for successful learning session.

Our facts

  • Online learning platform for students and students in German-speaking countries

  • Online since: 2016

  • Suitable for students of all grades, students and trainees

  • No subscription required

  • Thanks to an innovative learning workboard with completely new learning features, thousands of certified coaches can also explain complex content easily and comprehensibly

  • Saved tuition sessions enable the learning progress to be monitored

  • Controlled coaches: The quality check of the coaches is ensured by selected experts

  • Quick answer to questions: Coaches help you in the video chat daily to work together with you on your problems and questions regardless of your class strength and subject. Especially in mathematics, German, English, Physics and Chemistry, we can offer you a wide selection of coaches!

  • Individual online tutoring with your personal coach